While cycling through Century City I noticed some banners promoting an exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography titled “REFUGEE”.

These were beautifully shot banners of beautiful, hardworking people wanting nothing more than a better life for themselves and their families. 

So why did I take offense to them? 

What offended me wasn’t what was in front of me. What offended me was what wasn’t.

These weren’t the people who scare the living hell out of us. These aren’t the people we talk about Soma when we demand our officials take a closer look at our open boarder policies. 

These banners were flying in the face of the questions, “Why are so many military aged males entering Western countries seeking refugee status?” “Where are all the women?”

I get that art patrons who’re insulated from the realities of life by their wealth like financing exhibits like this to help calm the herd of the dangers they fear. … But in my opinion this is not art. This isn’t even close. Like most left wing “art” it only tells half of the story, the kinder, more genteel half. It challenges nothing.

I found it ironic that this exhibit was being shown at the foot of OUR West Coast Twin Towers. A chilling reminder of the consequences we suffered on 911 after only 19 “REFUGEES” murdered over 3,000 american people.

My creative offerings to this conversation were immediately taken down. I thought it was funny that it was my images people were stopping to take photos of. My images did something the others didn’t, they ruffled feathers, they sparked interest, they inspired action.

“REFUGEE” is on display from the dates of April 23rd – Aug 21st 2016 a the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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