Gwyneth Paltrow’s L.A. Neighborhood Defaced by “Obama Drone” Posters Prior to Fundraiser

Two days before Gwyneth Paltrow’s fundraiser, during which President Barack Obama will be hosted at the L.A. home of the actress, some negative political posters have reportedly appeared in the neighborhood depicting the actress as an “Obama Drone.”

Curbed LA spotted the posters, seen below, which the real estate website notes “do exist and are posted around the neighborhood.”

The images appeared to be the work of an artist named Sabo, who runs the Twitter account @unsavoryagents. Previous celebrities that have been given seemingly identical “Obama Drone” treatment include Jon Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson.

he unidentified man gave an interview to Glenn Beck in early June. Sabo, whose face wasn’t shown, gave the former Fox News host and TheBlaze mogul a tour of his recent posters, which include unflattering depictions of Hillary Clinton and Texas politician Wendy Davis as well as a tattooed image of Sen. Ted Cruz that the Republican commented on.

“I developed a method to hang them up as high as I need to, any one of these posters,” the artist told Beck in the interview. “Because, these not being leftist posters, tend to get torn down very quickly. So … I devised a way to get ’em up high.”

Tickets to attend the Democratic National Committee’s Gwyneth Paltrow-hosted fundraiser, which features a reception and dinner on Oct. 9, range from $1,000 to over $32,000.

They fly into our homes, our radios, our movie theaters, magazines, into every form of media that captures our eyes, ears, and hearts. Where once they mission might have been to entertain, now they are geared to indoctrinate our youth into their “Progressive” ideology.

These posters are one-offs printed using archival paper and inks. They are beautiful for framing.

In the past political parties would ramp up a year before an election but not these people. These people are on point 24/7, 365 days in the year while the Republicans sit around poking at their asses and smelling their fingers. Have no doubt, these people are soldiers for their parties. They are pin point accurate, relentless, fly through our airwaves, straight into our home, into the minds of our children. And we wonder why so many of them side with the Left.

NOTE: These street posters are rough made up from 8 11×17 color prints taped together. This is a method I devised because it’s cost effective, versatile and … just plan effective. These are the prints that go out on the street. They’ll look nice behind glass or glued on wood.