Joker – Cope


The passion of the COPE

The next time a Liberal or “Progressive” tells you that art is sacred, precious and should never ever be censored … show them these and tell them to shut the fuck up. – SABO


Ground Level …
The lifespan of this particular piece at ground level is only a handful of days before they get ripped apart. I then go back and touch them up. Above is an example of this. The level of passion in tearing these posters down adds a beautiful texture to the shattered persona that is The Obama Joker.


Up High … Cap these bitches!!!
These posters had to be place high enough where liberal/”Progressive” hands could not reach them. It took a while and a bit of thought but a master process was devised that made it possible to get these posters up as high as we wanted. It sucked spending days producing these posters only to have them torn down in days if not hours.


If I never see one of these damn posters again it will be too soon.