archival giclée print
20″ x 31″ – $30

We’d elected our first black President. All of white America was sure the world now knew we were not a prejudice country…
RRIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! … Charles Manson only wished he could have gotten as close to Obama at starting a race war … and Barry’s not done yet!


Eight years later we have a White House backed terrorist group called “Black Lives Matter” calling for the execution of white police officers. They block one interstate after another with their protests. Our colleges are filled to the rafters with social justice warriors, cultural marxists, terms like “micro aggressions” and “”white privilege.” You can’t even watch an NFL game without having to watch an overpaid athlete disgrace the country by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, as if they were forced to pick the cotton that their player’s uniforms are made of.

Now every black thug who decides to go toe to toe with a police officer and winds up getting themselves killed is considered a martyr to police violence. Never once does this group or the black community as a whole entertain the idea that more blacks are killed by other blacks that have every been killed by police officers or by whites for that matter. I guess there’s just no money to be made or sympathy to be had with that argument.


I’m constantly called a racist for pointing these facts out as harshly as I do. Harsh is my style because these days a sledge hammer is the only way for people to get any kind of attention. It sucks but … it works. Main stream news rarely if ever covers the murder of a black at the hands of another black. The media works like gasoline to the fire that is black angst. The Democrat create this angst.

Black lives do matter. All lives matter. But if we want to be honest about doing some positive movement in the black community the first thing that has to happen is a divorce, a divorce from the Democrat party. The party that created the Klan. The party that long ago decided to take the black vote for granted. Herding in illegals from Mexico to pad the vote at the expense of a job that can go to an American low skilled minority.

I’m not the racist for pointing out what’s in front of us. The Left and the disastrous polices that bred nothing but dependence on Big Government are the racists. Those who’d rather point the finger at people like myself are useful idiots to this big government monster.

The Truth … you can’t handle the truth! So, prepare for Obama’s coming race war. I’m all stocked up on guns and bullets. I hope you are.