So I find out this a-hole Jar Jar Abrams is having a “Round Table” with Obama. In my I’m thinking “Round Table” = “Circle Jerk.” So the pieces almost created itself. After surfing a few gay sites I found this FABULOUS image of these there guys diddling each other which meant I needed a third party to partake in my diabolical plan. Who better than Cayenne West?

I knew these posters would be edgy as fuck, meaning no one in the media would run with them, but what would it hurt to try? I gave Breitbart first crack at images but they weren’t touching them. The Hollywood Reporter told me no thanks as well which sucked. As expected this would be a labor of love sans press.

The job was done, fuck it, I sent the images to Breitbart, no response … … … and at the eleventh minute a little bird tells me the Hollywood Reporter thought the images were awesome … and they ran with the story.

Look, I love Brietbart. I honestly think recently they’ve been hitting hard but … sometimes I have to wonder what’s going on in those fucken offices man! Let me manage that fucker. I’ll put the Left on their knees and turn that place into a humming company!!!

Forget that! I have UNSAVORYAGENTS. Let’s see if I can put my talents where my mouth is.