Hollywood sucks, so instead I spend my time checking out these fresh political minds.

Academy of Ideas – A great place for a philosophy fix.

Bannon’s War Room – The Man, the thinker

Ben Shapiro – Ben first appeared on my radar when in high school he’d call into the Larry Elder Show.

Bjorn Andreas aka Bull-Hansen – A crazy old Viking worried the world is coming to an end. 😉

Black Pilled – Biting, a bit dark, I like the way he tells a story.

Blue Collar Logic – Country boys who lay out current events plan and simple.

Dangerfield – English stoner loves sitting around talking the shit about current events.

Felix Rex aka Black Pigeon Speaks – Biting political humor, very well put together.

Fleccas Talks – An old friend who loves to quiz retards on the street about current events.

Jesse Lee Peterson aka “The Fallen State” – Interview format, takes on the Left.

Jordan B. Peterson – An amazing mind, philosophy fix, a professor I wish I’d had in school.

KMG Show – I love this old guy. Hits current events from a hotel room in Canada.

Liberal Hivemind – He sounds like a wise-ass kid who’s having way too much fun taking on the Left.

Louder with Crowder – Steven Crowder’s production has gotten super tight. Good Christian family.

Mr Metokur – Look up “Wise Ass” in the dictionary … you get Metokur.

Mr. Reagan – Another friend with political chops

Officer Tatum – Ex-Police Officer, Right-wing Commentator

Owen Benjamin – Crazy as a bag of cats and just as entertaining to watch … and painful.

Project Veritas – James O’Keefe, PROPS!!! One Outstanding Reporter.

Rageaholic – That kid in high school that knew way too much about politics and was a smart ass.

Ramz Paul – Another crazy old guy who loves to sit around talking shit.

RockingMrE – A bit like The Rageaholic but less headbanger.

Sargon of Akkad – Another Englishman who puts on a great show.

Scott Adams Speaks – Dilbert Artist turned somewhat pundant

Styxhexenhammer666 – Don’t let the name fool you. He doesn’t worship Satan … I think. :/

Terrence Williams – I love the way Terrence tears Leftists up.

Tree of Logic – I couldn’t tell you what Tree looks like because I can’t keep my eyes off her boobs. :/

Trigger Nometry – An English comedic duo who hold refreshing interviews.