Henry Rollins … has had this column in the LA Weekly for some time now and I can’t count the number of times I would read this thing and wonder why my buddies from way back would idolize this person.

I love how every other story he writes he has to remind us how he was once poor. This is a guy who’s been having his ass kissed since the 80s and he still goes on about how he USED TO BE one of us. How many articles has he started with “when I used to play drive bars in Pacoma.” Give it a rest already will you PLEASE!

I remember once reading an article by some other band person who was so enamored by Rollins that he would have gladly allowed him to fuck his wife. Oh the hardships poor Henry must endure!!!

I once ran across this nerd at a Greek restaurant on 3rd street where he was sitting a table away from me and my wife. He was going on about his kale salads, the coconut waters he enjoyed drinking, and the latest obscure book he’s reading. He sounded exactly the way he writes. I swear to God I was waiting for him to start in on his latest shopping spree at lululemon. It took everything for me to not lean over and tell this guy to shut the fuck up. I mean this is the Punk god my friends worshipped and probably still do.

What really pisses me off about this guy is the way he rails against the 2nd Amendment. Just another tired ass, guilt ridden celebutard who has to encroach on every American’s ability to defend themselves. Because, as you know, we can all afford to live up in the completely gentrified enclaves nested up the Hollywood Hills and if ever the situation arrises when we need to hire the services of a bodyguard we have the money right here!

Back to his column.

He recently wrote one he titled, “TRUMP’S AMERICAN CARNAGE” … now keep in mind Trump hadn’t even been in office a week when Rollins put this together and already there’s “CARAGE!!!”

He starts his column sarcastically calling Trump his “comrade” … Like we need any more proof that McCarthy was right. 

Quoting Trump Rollins begins,

“Today’s ceremony … has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another – but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving back to you, the American people.

How can anyone find a problem with this you might ask. 

I’ll let you in on one of the Left’s dirty little secrets. When the Demonrats refers to “The People” their not talking about you and me. Who they’re talking about is “The Government Class.” Government, that fat bloated bureaucracy that thinks their doing us “the people” a favor when it pitches scraps from it’s table. Scraps I remind you, they stole from those who produce in this country.

When President Trump referred to “the American People” that’s exactly what he means and that’s exactly why Comrade Rollins panties got all in a bunch! Because there is not one wealthy Democrat out there that thinks we the lowly people are capable of governing ourselves on any level. We need them as Hillary Clinton puts it, ‘to be brought to heel.’ Like we’re fucken dogs. 

Rollins then tries using the appointment of Betsy DeVos as an example of how President Trump is contradicting his intentions of giving power back to us, the people, because DeVos is in support of school vouchers. Vouchers that give families the opportunity to escape failing school systems. A perfect example of how the Left fights to keep power in the hands of a governing unions regardless of how incompetent they are and out of the hands of concerned families. 

I’ve read that growing up Rollins attended a strict, all-boys school in Potomac, Maryland called the Bullis School. Rollins’ mother felt it was important for her son to get a good education. Luckly for Little Henry his mother had a choice as to where her son attended school. 

Sounds to me like we found ourselves a Punk Rock Hypocrite!

but Rollins continues… 

“That comrade Trump is not a crusader for the people is a known fact to some, but for others, its going to take a while for that to sink in.”

It doesn’t take a scholar to know how thin skinned, vengeful, and petty Trump can be. Trump to many on the Right was a scary choice to back. So how pathetic was it that so many rushed to vote for him because they feared Hillary more. Hillary, the standard barer of feminism, the woman who would break the glass ceiling to become the first woman President, made her political assent riding on the back of a serial rapist. A rapists she spent her life trailing behind putting out every sexual fire he set.

Hillary whose Clinton Foundation’s “Global Initiative” was little more than a money laundering scheme where two bit dictators could purchase political favors, favors that in many cases went against America’s best interest and security.

And hear I sit reading some washed up rocker go on about Trump not being a “crusader for the people.” NIGGER PLEASE!!!

It’s funny how donations to the Clinton Foundation have since dried up. I guess without power there are no favors to sell are there Henry?

The article continues with Trump saying how “What truly matters is not which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people. Jan. 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

And I shit you not, to which Rollins replies AND I QUOTE!!! “THERE ARE NO FORGOTTEN PEOPLE IN AMERICA.” … END FUCKEN QUOTE!!!

People like Henry Rollins don’t see themselves as “forgotten” because whenever Hillary Clinton came to Southern California to campaign she’d only visit those unforgotten people of Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and the Hollywood Hills. She kissed the ass of all those people who were stuffing campaign billions down her pant suit pockets. Everyone else Mr Rollins, was FORGOTTEN! 

That bitch never went to Compton to kiss babies! And if she had it was to visit that communities Planned Parenthood to check on how many future “super predators” were aborted that week. 

We’re always hearing about the billions the evil Koch brothers pump into politics, but God forbid anyone mentions the political contributions that come out of the super rich, Left leaning gated communities of California. Their money in politics is not evil.

The thing about Trump is he’s a life long democrat who’d only switch parties when it came time to run for President, which he did a number of times. Trump is what I call a classic Liberal. One of those forgotten creature that used to populate the party before it was taken over by “Regressive” nut jobs. John F. Kennedy was one of these classic liberals and like Trump wouldn’t be welcomed in the modern Democrat party.

So when Trump says “What truly matters is not which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people.” I believe he means it with all of his heart. Because right now, today, the Republican party is headed by a Classic Liberal who is kicking more “Regressive” ass than ANY REPUBLICAN Congressman, Senator, or President ever has. And that’s why we love him.

Trump then goes on about mothers and children trapped in the poverty of the inner cities, education systems flushed with cash but leaves its students depraved of knowledge. Failed industry, gangs, drugs, and unrealized potential.

And somehow Rollins manages to find fault in these observations. Henrey Rollins blind, cynical, and completely married to his party!

Then Rollins begins fear mongering claiming that “gays, nonwhites, and Muslims are green-lit for maximum “CARNAGE.” I challenge Rollins to pull one quote that specifically brands Donald Trump a racist. Not ten, not twenty … just one. Words that came out of his mouth, not words tailored by CNN, MSNBC … not a variation or reworded version of a translation spoon fed to him by the main stream media. Quisque mi odio, malesuada eu elit ut, euismod rutrumt feugiat.
A quote, from out of Trump’s own mouth. He wont be able to give us one.

Rollins will no doubt make reference to the ban of muslim refugees. Which in fact is not a ban on muslim refugees but a temporary, common sense, solution to halting those who are coming from war torn countries that are ill equip to adequately vet those trying to come here.

The primary responsibility of the President is to ensure the safety of the American people. Not handing out strawberry scented welfare checks, rainbow colored food stamps or public housing. I assure you if at any point Trump fails in this task to keep this country secure Rollins would be the first to accuse President Trump of incompetence and demand he be impeached.

I’d like to just stop now. I‘m floored at how surfaces this guy Henry Rollins is. I thought he was supposed to be some thought provoking, spoken word poet or something. … I’m very disappointed. … … … but I’m going to push on. I’m almost done.

Trump then goes on to speak about us unifying as one country to help make the lives of these unfortunate people better … and some how, some fucken way Rollins manages a way to shit on that idea.

When President Trump makes mention of strengthening old and new alliances Rollins takes this opportunity to bash on Israel, our only allie in that area. I had no idea Rollins was an anti-semite. But like John Kerry said, “you’re either democrat or a Jew. You can’t be both.” and I have to assume Rollins isn’t a Jew. Jew hater maybe … but not a Jew.

Then President Trump suggests that, “When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice.” To this Rollings jokes about not wanting to be forced to hug Ted Nugent. God forbid Henry expresses any love for the country that made so much possible for him. I mean he could have done just as well in Moscow, North Korea, maybe even Cuba. Fuck America!!! Fuck Patriotism!!!

And then he just has to go and imply that every Trump voter a bigot. How bold, how thought provoking, deep, and unexpected.

And like the word-smith that he is he continues by calling this, “the worst inauguration speech ever” and he didn’t even start that sentence with the word, “Like.”

Then he has the balls to imply it was Kellyanne Conway is responsible for starting and pushing the “fake news” narrative. Obviously Rollins has missed out on Hillary’s speeches of late. She went from covering her vast ass with the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” to “Fake News.” Fake News, the Lefts newest attempt at silencing those they oppose and Rollins is calling us “Orwellian.”

He concludes by trying to convince us that he’s not butt hurt even though he just spent no less than 500 words sounding like a twinky who just got gorilla fucked by Mr Mark. 

AND TO WRAP SHIT UP!!! He then threatens those on the Right with soon to come attacks from hackers, comedians, and the ever present, non-partisan, army of reporters, headed by non-other than Chuck Todd. … Henry Rollins, punk rock god, … ass clown, is hiding behind Chuck Fucken Todd!!!

… Man did Punk Rock die a slow painful death or what?