After eight years of the “REBEL” art community going dark, not uttering a single bad word about “The Great Black HOPE,” President Obama … not after he firer bombied a wedding party in the Middle East or received a Nobel Peace Prize only to become known as “The Drone President” did we see a single poster criticizing “The Great Leader.” Why? Because they, those who would otherwise “SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER,” wanted to give the first black President a chance. “The soft bigotry of low expectations” was is full effect. All of which is I found to be completely expected, not a surprise at all … but when these jack-balls decided to dust off their paint brushes and over priced Macintoshes in support of Bernie Sanders in a show of support against the coming “Cheeto Hitler” had I had enough!!!

The setting was the HVW8 Gallery off Melrose Ave, and baby, I made plans to rape the living shit out of that block with real rebel art.

As expected, I wasn’t surprised to see Teachr’s art out front on a utility box. Some image of a cow or something crapping out Bernie’s Republican rivals, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Its been over a few years now so forgive me if my memory is vague. I do remember however that the rest of the block was going to be all me. 😉

I went all out for this show. Sidewalk banners, sidewalk spray painting, bus bench ad take overs, bus ad instillation take overs, wall sized posters, and to cap it off art hanging on power lines. When I was done I remember hearing some random artist marvel at how completely I took over the block. It was epic.

In retrospect I should have hung the street banners that read, “FREE SHIT” higher. They came down a little too easy. Not that it really would have mattered, they’d of grabbed a ladder if they had to because there was no way they’d let that thing remain hanging during the night of the show.

Looking back at the names of the artist how showed I can’t say I know or have heard of any of them. Like most art today it sucked. The only reason you’ll ever catch me at an art show is because the beer is free, Lord knows it’s rarely because of the art.

The night of I noticed they painted over the sidewalk art I painted down, most of the art was torn down. Those behind glass in the bus instillations remained but one was only half torn apart from underneath where you could tell someone fought. If anything they gave it more of a ratty, fucked up, street look. Thank you for doing that.

The people that should up were the same young, stupid, overly tattooed, multi-colored haired losers dictators love because they are so easy to indoctrinate. A taco truck, a few fast chicks, mostly fat, nothing special … typical socialists who’re barely worth taking a shot to lay. You know the headache you’re going to have to deal with after you pop a nut is far from worth even trying. Once that mouth opens and the politics comes out it’s time to grab the pants and make tracks for the door before she finds out you were immuned to the decades of Leftist “education” you’re forced to stomach in public school.

Mark Levin mentions it online which got over 100,000 thumbs up or retweets or whatever the hell. Who the hell knows, they’ve since taken away most of my social networking accounts so I’m forgetting all the lingo crap that comes with them.

For what it’s worth I hope to revisit this story. It’s Friday night, I’ve been on the keyboard all day and I remember this story to be worth far more than a quickey. … Catch you all later.