I was surprised to hear from Stossel’s people asking me to sit in on an interview for a segment called “Rule Breakers.” This meant I was flying to New York. As usual they asked if I was going to be hitting up any art while I was in town. … 🙂 How could I say no? The bitch of it was I don’t know much about New York, it’s streets, or where I was planning on hitting.

The minute we touched down I had to find the hotel, a truck, an art store, and a home depot for a ladder. If any of these finds fell though there would be no hit. STRESS

Someone upstairs must have loved me because not only did I managed to find everything before the stores closed, when we got to the location later that evening, we found rock-star parking right out front. To top things off while putting up the art a police car drove literally right under me … and kept going. Everything went off without a hitch. All I had left to deal with was the interview. STRESS OVER

The green room was filled with makeup people, other guests, friends, family, who the hell knew who these people were. I sure as hell didn’t. Stossel walked in and started bullshitting with everyone until he found his way to me. I remembered not wanting to kiss his ass. If he tried sandbagging me I’d have to be brutal with him. I wanted to get comfortable with him, get him off his guard, let him know he could play rough to degree … so I busted on his gray hair. I’m not sure he took it well, but I meant it as a joke, … to relax things. Our back and forth didn’t go badly but I remember thinking it could have gone better.

Then Stossel’s son, who was running around the Fox studio and royal pharmacy in pajamas, approached me asking all sorts of questions about what I do and I’ll be damned if he didn’t dig into me because I have the nerve to try to make money off my art. I reminded him that 1. my landlord doesn’t accept love and rainbows for rent and 2. my father wasn’t a rich, celebrity who’s dime I was living on making it possible to run around his studio in FUCKEN PAJAMAS! :/ … OK, to be honest, I didn’t put it quite that harshly, but the shit that was going on in my head was much worse.

I had asked Stossel not to ask me any questions that would give the police reason to jail me during my stay, but he did. I believe my reactions to those questions were edited out. Believe me there were some minor tense moments that weren’t included in the final cut. When I left the stage one of the camera guys started in on me asking if I was ‘the real SABO’ or something. I was busy fighting trying to get my mic off to really hear what he was going on about but I knew it wasn’t good. I’d of loved to have confronted him but it went no where. I just wanted to get the hell out of there and spend a few hours walking around the city.

All in all it was a cool trip. I hate driving and having to get art up at 3 in the morning can be stressful as hell. So the next time I’m in New York I hope to just chill and enjoy the sights.