Democrats, they get the blacks coming and they get them going. If by some chance a black child makes it out of their mother’s womb literally in one piece they then have life in the democrat run black community to contend with. Black on black crime at sky high rates. The illegitimacy rate, drop out rate, illiteracy rate, the murder rate, incarceration rate, recidivism rate … all well into apocalyptic proportions.

Fact, the Democrats created the KKK … Fact, the democrats supported Jim Crow laws, … Fact, during the Civil War not one Republican politician owned a slave, all slaves were owned by Democrats … Fact, the story of all those Democrat who turned into Republicans during the Civil Rights movement is a lie. The numbers weren’t nearly as high as the Democrats would lead you to believe. … Fact, every black slum is run from top to bottom by Democrats.

You don’t have to believe me, do the research yourself.

Whenever a black man or woman learns to read, write, or speak properly they are a accused by other Democrats of acting white. The Left has constructed the modern version of the black plantation only these ones have walls built from ignorance and fear or what lays beyond their walls, true freedom, freedom from the Left.


Democrats demonize any minority who dares escape the new plantation and will shame them if they refuse to return. They did it to Justice Clarence Thomas, they did it to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, they did it to Doctor Ben Carson, they did it to presidential candidate Herman Cain and they will do it to any black man or woman who dares thinks there is hope outside of their walls of big government dependency.