Originally Alex, the guy interviewing me, wanted to cover what he considered “THE CONSERVATIVE STREET ART MOVEMENT” but after our first meeting I believe he decided to just run with a story about me.

As vain as it sounds I was cool with that because at the time I couldn’t think of too many other people out there doing what I was doing. I definitely couldn’t think of anyone doing it for as long as I had been anyway. To be straight out with you, I starved alone doing this for a loooooong time before anyone else came around. So I’d be lying if I said I wanted to share the spotlight with anyone who just came on the scene. Maybe that makes me a dick, all I know is that I found myself standing there looking at these other new crews trying to do what I do and ask myself “who the hell are you guys and where have you been all these years?” It was my opinion they saw money in what I did and they decides to make a business of it. … … … I wish I’d of thought of that!

I have to admit that throughout the filming I was waiting for Alex the interviewer to break out a badge, to have a SWAT kick in my door and arrest me in the process of making posters. Thankfully that never happened.

Make sure to read the comments on the youtube page of this interview, a lot of angry people out there. 😉