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When the Twin Towers came down I was living in the heart of Hollywood, just above the Sunset Strip. Like most everyone else I could not believe what I was seeing on my tv set.

All the planes were grounded so the thought of getting out to New York to help had to wait. I eventually made it out there mid-october. At the time I was working on porn sites. After 911 I reevaluated what I thought was important in my life and working in that industry, it turned out, was not. So I left it.


Then the wars started. I remember wondering if I should reenlist in the Marines only to find out I was too old for them to take back. Saddam Hussein was playing cat and mouse with us by not allowing weapons inspectors to do their jobs. On top of that he was offering the families of suicide bombers 25k for everyone who would blow themselves up in Israel. Not a very smart game for him to play after the two tallest building just came down in the middle of New York.

People keep going on and on about how we had not right to go into Iraq. It's gotten to the point to where it's almost fashionable to say you were against going into Iraq but we had to. Not only was Saddam living under a cease fire agreement, and not only was he breaking this agreement time and time again, for years after that first gulf war one democrat after another was railing on about how Iraq was becoming a mounting threat. One after the other they go on about his growing stockpile of weapons of mass destruction and his ever growing nuclear capabilities. ... And this was coming from the Democrats!

After all that, after 19 men with box cutters pulled off what they did had Bush not moved on Saddam, again who was violating a cease fire agreement, and had Saddam done something to harm American lives ... this after 911, Bush would have been skewered by the Left and impeached for gross incompetence. Because we can't know what might have happened, we can only act on what was possible. When the most important job of the President is the protection of his people, he had no choice but to move in on Iraq. We'd allowed Saddam to slide after breaking one resolution after another, particularly during the Clinton administration.


So people can say all day long we had no reason to go into Iraq, responsible minds knew otherwise. Personally I wish we hadn't stayed as long as we did. It's easy to laugh when I say today that the reason I voted for Bush in the first place was because he ran on not wanting to nation build. Again, easy to laugh today ... but not after 911. Pardon the cliché but on 911, everything changed.

My little sister had just divorced her husband who forced her out of the house leaving her without her children. That was hard enough. 911 and the start of the coming wars pressed down on her even harder. That Christmas without her children was more than she could take. With a hand full of pills she'd taken from my grandparents medicine cabinet she made her way into the woods and took her own life. ... I don't know if she would have done what she did had 911 not happened, but I've always felt she was one of many unconsidered victims of that day.




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