Ted Cruz

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21"x35.4" archival giclee print


Walking down the boardwalk at Venice Beach I noticed a poster of Marilyn Monroe covered in tattoos. At the time I'd been talking to a few people about Ted Cruz coming to town and we wanted to greet him with a street poster. It's hard for me to pitch such an idea so I simply drafted this illustration up and presented it to the team. The response wasn't the kind that justified getting any sort of backing from the group to produce it so I took it upon myself to do it. 25 posters later and a night out on the street, the rest is history.

I'm not big on patting myself on the back but I have to say that before this poster had you asked me what I thought of Ted Cruz I might have told you that he was known for standing his ground but as far as personality I would not have given him much thought. I believe with this image I managed to pull the inner bad ass that is his fighting spirit. Had the match not fit I don't think the image would resonate with his supporters the way it has.

For the record Mr. Cruz had absolutely noting to do with the creation of this image. I didn't ask for his blessing, approval, opinion, nothing. I bothers me that people have tried tying me to his waist in hopes of damaging his reputation because of some of my more racy art pieces.

I've made this image available in both posters and t-shirts. No Ted Cruz fan should be without one and this is the only place to get them.
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