20"x30" archival giclee print $30

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  1. pivot

    I love this poster. But I want to see one of trump. will you make him look like a king. Not with a Crown on or anything but standing there looking like the king of America. The best president in American history besides George Washington.
    I think the poster should say something like” threatened to blow up my house, me and my people will kill you” With Madonna in the background hanging from a tree and any other people who have ridiculed trump in a social unrest manner.

    Or how about this idea poster. Some Bruce Lee Communist type figure walking on rice paper and it’s called social unrest paper. “Don’t step to hard cause you’ll fall into treason.

    Man I have so many ideas I’m starting an Anti-liberal T-shirt line And if you would like to collaborate in any way possible I would love to talk.


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