archival giclée print
20"x30" - $30

Picasso had his bird of peace, I have mine of war. Created just after 911 this piece reflected how many felt just after the twin towers came down.

It took a while for me to get used to seeing my own work hang in my apartment. I love what I do, I love how I do it, but that doesn't mean even I don't find some of my pieces to be ... a bit ... toxic. This is one of those pieces.

You have to be crazy to like war or violence, but I'm not naive enough to believe it doesn't exist and that I have to defend myself against it when it knocks on my door. On a good day I'm 5'6" tall. I've always been small. As a child I was no bigger than a mouse so growing up, getting picked on, particularly from my older brother I had two choices, take the shit people gave me or punch back. I punched back. When I joined the Marines I found myself surrounded by hulking men, the same applied. I've never been one to take shit. Stand your ground then people respect you. Fuck all that Gandi bullshit. Let him get punched in the face. I'd rather punch you first if that's what it takes to defuse your violence towards me. Many of my best friends came from standing my ground against them.

I look at this peace today so many years after 911 and I want to turn it upside down and spray paint the word "ENOUGH" on it. Contrary to this piece I do not believe in endless wars. While I believe we should have take on the people who took down the towers I would have never signed on for a war that has taken as long as these latest campaigns have. I believe in going in, doing your thing, then getting out. Ironically, the Left's insistence on pulling back on the dog's chain has done nothing but extend these wars.

The danger of such long campaigns is the creation of a generation of young muslims who know nothing but aggression from America. I don't blame them for becoming militant agains those who they consider there aggressors. Again, ironically, they now hold onto the meaning of this piece. They are now the one's saying, "FUCK PEACE" ... 'I'd rather die fighting or blowing myself us against these aggressors.'

The other day while taking a shit I was thinking how the same people who were making money hand-over-fist off these wars, military contractors, weapons dealers, whomever, after all these years are still profiting from it. Even after changing political parties. Obama hasn't changed a thing.

So how does this piece translate to me now? Instead of it representing how I feel or how my country feels about how it chooses to deal with an aggressor. I now see it as an ideal embraced by anyone and everyone who finds themselves dealing with an aggressor. I've always seen it as such, but now I have a bit more of an appreciation for that notion.




  1. Chris

    Would love a tee shirt with the Fuck Peace!

    • Unsavoryagents

      I’m going to pull these screens myself soon. I’ll let you know when they are available.

  2. Amy

    Really looking forward to a t-shirt option! 😀

    • Unsavoryagents

      You know will be looking into doing this design. Check back!
      Thank you for your interest and support!

  3. Scott

    Thank you for your service Marine & Happy 241st.

    Looking forward to the shirt; appreciate your POV.



  4. Alfonso

    I love your art. Just stumbled over your work when redirected from the Daily Wire. As a German refugee in Australia (I am by no means a rapefugee like the ones that fukc our peaceful asses in Europe), I’d love to have a T-Shirt with “Fuck Peace” on it. ‘Cause peace is shit when appeasing the crocodile.
    Thanks man, I appreciate ur work!

  5. DyLaN

    Man a fuck Tibet shirt would be beautiful but all of your posters and shirts are beautiful, will check back when I get more of my own money to spend, Aka TAX REFORM!

  6. Oscar

    Hey i would love some fuck Peace sticker…is there any chance you will make them?


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