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  1. Andrew

    Despite disagreeing with your philosophy and your whiny premise, I would honestly buy your “Free Shit” shirt, because it’s a genuinely funny parody of itself. But the quote on the back makes it a lie; not going to send you dough to support that. I’m all in favor of open discourse; if you want to use graffiti tactics to promote your agenda, that’s fine. But stick to the truth.

    Also, learn to use WordPress, I guess? Your apathy/incompetence shows up in random unidentified widgets (see bottom left; this page). I’ve got a few WordPress sites; happy to explain the basics if you want. I work cheap; my fee is a “Free Shit” shirt without the bullshit on the back.

    • Daniel

      Yo SABO,

      I had to respond to the fucknut above me, I was hesitant to even address this Troll prick however, I noticed he posted his drivel on my birthday, so I’m taking my day back.

      Andrew you pompous, ignorant dick. Only a liberal such as yourself (a closeted socialist no-doubt), could suggest there is any lack of truth or “bullshit” to the fact that the Bernster wants to steal my money to pay for lazy fucks like you to obtain things you haven’t earned. He’s the quasi Robin Hood, robbing the rich to pay the poor.

      I suggest you get nothing for free with the exception of the Che Guevara bumper sticker, for you truly are a

      Go fuck yourself asshole and while your at it, try to do something constructive to earn a living and if one job isn’t enough to support your crack habit, get a second one.

      Rock On Sabo!

      • Ches

        Best response ever!

      • Chance

        Daniel- Right on brother 100%

        Andrew- What part of Democratic Socialist do you not understand?

  2. Mark P

    Leave it to a socialist to notice the absolute minutiae about widgets at the bottom of a webpage… yet totally miss the evil, the corruption, and total failure of socialism that is plain to see by any THINKING individual. OH OH… there’s the problem – it requires thinking!


    • Unsavoryagents


  3. Andrew

    Hey, guys!

    Sorry to ruin your birthday, Daniel. Wow. You seem to have caught some pretty serious feelings regarding my post. Was it really necessary to use all those insults, based on… just the opinion I stated?

    I’m not trying to be disingenuous; I genuinely think this is part of what’s making it hard for left and right to reconcile right now is the inflammatory rhetoric and the incredibly short zero-to-rage period that so many people seem to have.

    I didn’t call anyone any names; I just said that I thought the IRS claim on the shirt was false. And yet I’ve been labeled a douche, a socialist, a lazy fuck, an asshole and a crack addict. All based only on a comment that I posted taking issue with a t-shirt. I’m not trying to be all snowflakey here, but it seems like that reaction was pretty severe, considering that all I did was state an opinion.

    But maybe that’s just me. I’ll leave that call to the people who feel like they can’t express their opinions freely/safely anymore because of PC censorship, etc.

    (And yes—I did say “shit” in my comment. But I figured that since the word appears on shirt I was commenting on, it was okay.)

    As for the IRS/gov’t stealing your money to obtain things unearned, I recommend you look =up= the economic chain, rather than down. The fraudulent gains of every welfare scammer in the country =combined= wouldn’t come close to the billions of dollars that American corporations jack the American taxpayer for, on an annual basis (with the government’s assistance—seriously, now that IS socialism).

    Oh, and Mark—tip for the future: Everyone who doesn’t share your view(s) isn’t automatically a socialist. Not even if the commenter above you has decided that they are. Honest discussion, debate, discourse—the thoughtful exchange of ideas and perspectives that moves society forward—is based on avoiding that kind of thing.

    Anyhow, I had honestly forgotten I even posted this; just noticed today that someone came to my site from this page recently. When I clicked through, it all came back. Hilarious.


  4. Steven Hines

    There is absolute truth to the IRS stealing the earnings of the productive to give to others in the form of “Free Shit”. This “Free Shit” is used by the democrat party to buy votes.

    As for corporations stealing from people, that last time I checked the most valuable company in the world, Apple, has people literally tripping over each other to VOLUNTARILY give them their money.

    So which is better, voluntary exchange of money for goods/services, or government goons forcibly taking money from some and give it to others?


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  6. Andrew

    Your response to my comments is appreciated; mainly because you didn’t swear at me and instead were civil. So, thank you.

    That said, you must realize that your interpretation of these terms is pretty subjective. I mean, how are massive tax breaks/loopholes and financial support structures not “free shit” for corporations who don’t pass those breaks on to their employees?

    I’m not talking about taking money out of the pocket of a small business owner to pay for some slacker’s rent (and I’ll leave the “buying votes” piece out of this, because that’s even more vague/opinion-based).

    I’m talking about the kind of staggering disconnection between the perception of poor vs. rich and how it divides us as a nation. I don’t think my tax dollars are being spent propping up some lazy welfare family’s luxurious lifestyle; I’m pretty confident that those families (few of whom actually exist) are deeply in the minority, as opposed to the kind of “theft” of my tax dollars to support an already over-wealthy military-industrial complex and corporate expansion, neither of which benefit me in the slightest.

    (To be clear: I’m not opposed to having a military; I’m opposed to drastically overfunding it beyond reason.)

    (And I =am= opposed to my tax dollars funding already wealthy and generally untrustworthy corporations; or have the lessons of Enron and/or the 2008 market crash not yet been taken fully on board?)

    Poor people are not lazy people, by nature or definition. But there’s a lot of talk, memes and propaganda out there that makes that connection. It’s unfair and inhumane to assume that someone (or a family) who has had bad breaks and is struggling in today’s America deserves to be stigmatized as a vote seller or someone who’s capitalizing on the charity of the system (i.e., hard-working honest people who have to hand over their salaries to pay for poor people’s cheese or whatever). Do you know poor people? Unemployed, homeless people? Their needs are—and I admit this is =my= own bias—more real, more important and more human than the “needs” of a multi-national corporation to meet its Q3 fiscal goals and rack up more investors, higher profits, etc.

    Oh—and they’re also much cheaper to address. Look at the millions/billions we lose by either spending tax revenues in efforts to keep companies from moving overseas, or by giving them huge tax breaks just to do nothing except keep their CEOs in place, etc.; compare those numbers to the social services budgets and you’ll see a pretty impressive disparity.

    If people could (or, you know, would) distinguish between actual human needs and corporate interests, there would be a much different debate going on. But unfortunately, the right-wing machine has lined up “poor” with “greedy” and “corporate” with “jobs” and managed to imply/assert that those two groups are somehow completely separate.

    As for Apple? Come on, man. That’s just an arbitrary (and odd) example. Yes, corporations are often successful. But what does that have to do with my point(s)?

    Genuinely interested in your thoughts.



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