Signed pile of crap! $20
Dress up your office desk, dinner table, dash board with this steaming pile of plastic fake Bernie Sanders "FREE SHIT."

Please remember that your purchases help to support the crazy things I do late at night while you're warm and comfy in bed. ;) You are the finger I use to stick it to the Left!




  1. Don

    Just bought this which will nestle nicely next to my (self-made) Hillary snowglobe in my bathroom, further driving my visiting gone-to-the-dark-side whackjob liberal siblings insane. One question: any way of special-ordering a (fill in the blank) customized toilet seat, ala Barry Obama of a few years ago? I’d be deliriously happy to squat over the likeness of a Chuckles Schumer, Rancid Pelosi-Galore, Liz Warren, Hillary, etc, and pay (a realistic amount) for the privilege. Just curious. Keep shining your light in the darkness my man!!!

  2. Tom Fendley

    I just read the article about you on drudge. I’ve admired your work for as long as its been reported. Thank you for being a thorn in the ass of the hypocritical leftist, limousine liberal crowd, particularly.
    The Nike thing prompted me to trademark Just Do Do It and obtain the website. I’m thinking Toilet paper artwork. First one is kapernick, fro and all, with the best trademark phraseology in a while. I would love to team up with an artist, just like you. I think there is a reason why I am sending you this message today. God works in mysterious ways!!
    Think about this. Selling politically charged toilet paper could be a great way to “wipe out hypocrisy”, one asshole at a time!
    Congratulations sir, and it would be great to hear back. Tom Fendley


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