18″x30.7″ – archival giclée print

The writer Norman Lear is quoted as referring to Donald Trump as ‘Americ’s Middle Finger which I thought was a very appropriate description for better or worse. Coming from a hardcore Leftist I took it as a compliment as I’m sure Mr. Trump did. … … I guess.

Before I go into this I want to point out the hard black border around the image. I originally wanted to title this piece, “Middle Finger with Hard Border,” to represent Trump’s stance on how he intends to resolve the illegal alien issue.

So, I banged out this image, loved it but continued to be confused about it. Was it a positive or negative piece? … … … it’s a confusing piece. As a Republican I can see a man not just giving the finger, he was the finger waving high for all his haters to see. But to a Leftist I guess this could be seen as Trump having Washington’s finger up his ass, or Trump being an ass-puppet to Washington.

In the end I feel safe in saying this piece says as much about the viewer as it does the candidate. … rrrrrright :/