I was a good guy sitting in my apartment for long enough. Strange how most if not all of the mayors and governors who are pushing for longer quarantine time are democrats.

Is this Chinese Flu real or blown out of proportion I don’t know, but I know one thing for sure, the powers that be now know what little it would take for them to strip us of the constitutional rights we talk so much about. And if you think they won’t use it again at some point in the future you’re crazy.

If asked would I feel as though I played in the part of people’s death for convincing them to go back outside, I say no. If this thing is like the flu then we’re all going to eventually get it at some point. Staying inside isn’t going to stop that. Personally I think many more people have had this than we know.

Early february I flew from Los Angeles to New York to do Milo’s show. I sat next to this Chinese girl who was acting sketchy as hell and wearing a mask the whole way. I knew I was screwed and sure enough ten days later, just after doing my Osacrs “Parasite” billboard, I got sick as hell. Most everyone I got in contact with became ill as well. It lasted for sometime. So it wouldn’t surprise me if I’d already caught it. Considering I’m in my 50’s now makes me in one of the high risk zones so if anyone’s going to suffer this thing I’m sure I’m o the list.

So far I’ve had three V.A. medical appointment cancelled because they weren’t considered essential enough to move forward with. One of them was for a glaucoma screening. Considering I’m an artist, that seems pretty damn essential to me. How many other people have died because their treatments were put off because of these mass closing. Not to mention deaths from suicide caused by depression, financial hardships, alcoholism, or drug use. – SABO / UNSAVORYAGENTS