There’s very little I can write that will do justice to the interview that the IJR team did so I’ll just provide a link and hope that you take the time to visit that page. Here’s the link: IJR Interview

For whatever reason wants to visit me they insist I break the law for them by putting up street art while they interview me. The IJR team was a class act. They reminded me of all the young hard drivers I worked with during the start-ups in the mid 90’s.

And there she was. There always seems to be a young woman on the reporter team who stands in the back seething at me for God only knows what reason. You can almost see the “I’m with Hillary” tattoo sticking out from under her sleeve.

The evening of this interview coincided with what I remember being the second Republican debate in Simi Valley, California. I shit you not, it started to rain! It never rains in SoCal! But that didn’t stop us.

During the hit we noticed a police SUV trolling around. Nerves were seriously on edge but I pressed on. I saw that cruiser drive passed but for whatever reason they just kept going. I guess it was the hard hat or yellow vests we were wearing.

When I hit the back of the bus with a pro-Cruz poster I heard one of the reporters say, “Oh my God! My heart is racing so fast. I swear I saw a police car drive by. I haven’t had an adrenalin rush like that in a while.”

– LAist