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While everyone else is shitting themselves over ISIS, I decided to go the other direction. This t-shirt says "FUCK ISIS" in a way that is loud and fucken clear.

There will be a limited run on these shirts. I can't imagine too many people would have the balls to wear it. The blood spot will be applied by me, by hand so each will be different.

Why the blood spot? It's meant to acknowledge the level danger behind speaking one's mind and by extension reminds me of how amazing my country is for giving people the right to speak so freely. It's worth fighting for. It bothers me that if I were to murdered because of this design how many people would instead of questioning an ideology's barbarism they would surrender by saying something like, "the crazy bastard asked for it," or "he had it coming."

The spirit of Punk Rock is in constant flux. It's my opinion that "punks" today are little more than establishment thinkers, drones, uneducated parts of the collective, JUST ANOTHER DEMOGRAPHIC. With this t-shirt I hope to give Punk back her spirit. - SABO