36”x 9”
archival giclée print

– Hollywood Reporter
– The Blaze
– Breitbart
– Twitchy, Scott Baio
– The American Mirror
– LA Curbed
– The Real Deal
– The Federalist Papers
– Sputnik
– Truth Revolt
– BizPac Review 1
– BizPac Review 2
– Weasel Zipper
– Taki’s Magazine
– Larry Elder
– KFI AM 64
– Taki’s Magazine

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Right before every election the Hollywood “A-List” dawns their little Chairman Mao uniforms to do the bidding of the DNC. It doesn’t matter who the candidates are just so long as there is a “D” for democrat after their name. Now as always you have one or two celebrities claim they are going to leave the country if the Republican wins, which pissed me off because these are the butt-clowns I go to to escape reality, to relax. to check out. Ever time we give these ingrates a platform they use it to club us over the head with and I assure you come the 9th, the day after the election, they’ll pull back to playing non-partisan.

More to come …