A few years ago a “reporter” named Tommy Christopher decided to publish a blog post calling me just about very nasty thing in the book. Shit, if I was half the things he said I’d of probably turned myself into the police. Instead of having it out with this clown I decided to take a more adult for a change. Look, I’ve been know to be hot headed so this was me trying to turn over a new leaf. I guess. :/

I told him that I disagreed with what he had to say about me and that I was willing to explain the context behind any piece he could find in my portfolio. What he did instead was say I wasn’t worth the time and he made it impossible for me to respond on his blog. When I asked him why he was keeping me from pleading my case he said that it was his blog and he could allow whomever to speak or not speak on it. If I has a problem with it I could start my own blog.

That was my first negative experience with a “journalist.” To be honest with you it kind of bothered me. I didn’t want the only things about me online to be negative so it was at that point I decided to do as many interviews as I could, this way to get my side of the story out there. So began years jumping infant of one microphone to the next. I’m actually tired of it. I’m not as quick to jump in front of a mic as I used to be.

I got so used to talking to reporters that I decided to not be so formal with the ones I hated. So God help you if I didn’t like you or your publication. In a video with CNN’S Alvarado Gonzalos on morning I went off. I knew he was going to try to get me on why I decided to support Trump during his visit the an FOA event in Los Angeles.

Below is an image of an ABC crew who asked to interview me one evening. They came to my studio where I’d fanned out pages of the Quaran all in the apartment floor. This way they’d be forced to walk on them. I told them ahead of time what they were and they didn’t seem to mind, but when I posted this image Twitter they freaked out and refused to air the piece. They begged me to take the photo off of Twitter. I don’t normally do as I’m asked when it has anything to do with editing my work but they seemed scared so … I pussed out and did it.


All I can say is … enjoy the fireworks. (I have to rewrite this post, I’m too rushed)