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Normally I wouldn’t hit on a subject like this but I hate everything about this poster, even before I edited it. With the country as divided as it is I can can’t help but wonder how many people are going to lose their lives after this movie comes out. I can only imagine how many white people are going to get beat up just for being white. Will a city or cites burn?

The black communities and website biggest problem isn’t this county. It’s their abusive marriage to the democrat party and themselves.

Did Nate commit a rape? I know only what I’ve read, but I can’t help but wonder why a publication like Variety is running with this story so many years later. I read the official movie poster was a reaction to there being no blacks represented in last years Oscars. Maybe this rape story popping up it’s ugly little head in the Hollywood press so many years later is “The Industries” way of saying they don’t appreciate the criticism.

Maybe my version represents how a black man feels about being retried in what he perceives to be a racist city, Hollywood, in a racist country. Who the hell knows.