– Click here to read the article, “GOP Street Artist: I’m Mean,” Not Racist by James Joiner

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the years if never fucken trust a reporter, NEVER! Whenever one of them asks for an interview I make sure to record it that way if they decide to twist my words I have backup to throw back in their face.

This guy James Joiner from the Dailey Beast is actually a stand up guy. Or at least he’s been to my face so far. I was cautious because the Beast had run a hit piece on me before but this time this wasn’t going to be a sone sided conversation.

According to James they were having a battle royal in the news room fighting about if they should even be giving me the attention and if they did they sure as fuck didn’t want to be nice about it. I give it to him he stuck to his guns. He swore he wasn’t a partisan. I now believe him. Rare for a reporter to actually be fair these days especially when covering a hateful little, right-wing shit like myself 😉

The article was posted. As usual I wanted to respond to trolls but for whatever reason I wasn’t allowed to. The site side I had to create an account so I did, still couldn’t respond. I did everything I knew to do and still no luck. I called James to ask if he could fix this and I swear to you in almost a whispering cry he begged me not to make an issue out of it because he took a shit load of arrows just getting the think published. He had a family to support … … …

So let me get this straight, he has a family to support so I need to not make waves for him while on the other hand I have to sit back and read post after post of people calling me the crappiest things, accusing me of the worst things … fuck me and my family right? So that’s how this game is played? … And it seems, that’s how the game is played with “Progressives” which is why they suck.

I hear from James from time to time. He’s cool. I hope he hasn’t gotten himself in any hot water. I hope this post doesn’t get him in any hot water. The world needs more fair reporters.