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Asia Argento can pay me $380,000 to go down on me any day of the week and twice on Sunday and I would totally keep my mouth shut about it.

I assure you someone had to pay this kid off to come out the way he did (Weinstein), because I have no doubt he spent all of his later youth bragging to his friends about this sexual conquest. After seeing later photos of this Jimmy Bennett I knew it wasn’t this sexual liaison that “stymied” his acting carrier, … he just got ugly.

20 posters were posted thoughtout the Hollywood area near The Chateau, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Sunset Strip.


  1. Bob Love

    Asia Argenthroat didn’t mean to do it, she just coudn’t overcum her hemoans.

  2. Fritz Gessler

    asia is a witch

  3. Useful Vidiots

    Psycho skank.

  4. Julie richman

    Anthony was in love with this witch, photos of her dancing sexually w/ a Journalist put Bourdain over the edge. She had a consensual relationship w/ Weinstein, it lasted over 4 years & then claims she is a victim. And now it seems Asia had sex w/ a minor & says she and Anthony felt sorry for Jimmy’s economic situation so gave him $380,000. Yeah right! Who pays off that kind of money unless she’s guilty? Asia is the Queen of Hypocrisy. SheToo is right

  5. Horny the Clown

    She ain’t all that and I’ll pass on the bag of chips.
    I can’t wait to hear about her political views and pet projects. (not really)
    Feelings Über Alles.


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