I'd heard of the problems veterans were having with long waiting lines at the VA. This concept looks simple but it took some thought. The medals turned out about 80% of what I'd imagined, but I'm happy with them. They come in two versions, a camo with black medal and a white with a silver medal.

Originally I wanted the box to be a nice velvet clam shell style but them opted for something cheap and disposable looking to represent Obama's idea of what the medal and the sacrifice that went into receiving it was worth.

The cover shows Mr. Golfer bored, wishing he was doing something other than having to spend his time honoring veterans. Here he casually flips them off.

The word, "YOU" is repeated and spelled in all caps because I wanted to represent Obama's belief that the person receiving the medal was completely responsible for their injuries. He doesn't see this as a sacrifice for country in any way. He see's this as Your mistake for joining the military to begin with.