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  1. Larry Schneider

    I’ve got a few acronyms I’d like to share and do anything or nothing with them as you see fit. “JOBS” that’s a 3 letter word according to VP Biden?! “J”ust “O”bama’s “B”ull “S”hit. SOCIALISM is a STD – Socially Transmitted Disease. The last one is POTUS, but I’d like to see the T and the U xd out like they do in the street sign warnings so that it comes out POS, and, you know POTUS is a piece of shit POS.

  2. Gene Arehart

    I live in Joplin, Missouri and I too am a Conservative. I heard about you via The Glenn Beck show, on the radio. I am an artist. I have been doing hand pulled screen prints that are very political. I like Shepard Faireys style of propaganda style prints, just hate his progressive political beliefs. Being a Conservative in the art world and producing art of such a political matter, it is hard to sell. I do have a full time job though. I would like to send you some of my pieces, or pics to see what you think? If you would like to see pics first, can I e-mail them to you at this website?

  3. Doug Loudin

    I would love to have the April 15 ‘Bitches’ poster as a t-shirt! Have you given any thought to printing shirts with this design?


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