18"x30.7" - archival giclée print

The writer Norman Lear is quoted as referring to Donald Trump as 'Americ's Middle Finger which I thought was a very appropriate description for better or worse. Coming from a hardcore Leftist I took it as a compliment as I'm sure Mr. Trump did. ... ... I guess.

Before I go into this I want to point out the hard black border around the image. I originally wanted to title this piece, "Middle Finger with Hard Border," to represent Trump's stance on how he intends to resolve the illegal alien issue.

So, I banged out this image, loved it but continued to be confused about it. Was it a positive or negative piece? ... ... ... it's a confusing piece. As a Republican I can see a man not just giving the finger, he was the finger waving high for all his haters to see. But to a Leftist I guess this could be seen as Trump having Washington's finger up his ass, or Trump being an ass-puppet to Washington.

In the end I feel safe in saying this piece says as much about the viewer as it does the candidate. ... rrrrrright :/



  1. Tom Williams

    Sabo,I just picked up the Mona Lisa and some yard signs (there are so many dogs in my neighborhood, and I love watching progs freak out). I also want to buy the new Trump image but not seeing the ‘add to cart’ here. Keep the inspiring art coming, and be good.


    • Unsavoryagents

      Don’t know how I missed putting a “buy button” on there!
      Have corrected the paypal button and it should be working now…

      Thank you for letting me know and all of the support!

  2. Eva Mendez

    Your art is so politically incorrect. Hillary won and the Russians hacked the final number. We are organizing a Los Angeles demonstrations for Mexican rights in California and the right to fair housing and jobs for undocumented people. Being illegal is not a crime. They created Santa Ana as a sanctuary city anyway, screw you white asshole

    • Hard Harry

      “being illegal is not a crime” You’re a fkn cooc. The US will take almost anyone, there are laws about how to get here legally.

      Art is not supposed to be politically correct;if it was, it wouldn’t be art.

      Sabo’s a red-blooded American ‘brown guy’ so apparently your an idiot, too.

  3. Matt Wilday

    Yo Sabo…love your work brother. How much would it be for you to frame this and ship it to Chicago? Please email me and let me know. (******** edited email address)


    • Unsavoryagents

      Understand what you are asking but its really in your best interest to find somebody locally to do it for you.
      A good framer can get expensive quickly! Anyhow postage costs of frames and the like again get incredibly expensive fast!


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