archival giclée print

I have to hand it to ISIS, they took the snuff film to an entirely new level.

I don't know who these assholes are but I assure you of this, there are only a small hand full of art / film schools the person who put these videos together could have attended. And they have a hell of a budget to work with.

What drove me to doing the art that I do was the never ending left-wing messages I saw in art. Particularly art attacking people on the Right or Republicans. They seemed very political when a Republican was in office but the second a Democrat took over, Obama, they seemed to ... disappear.

That bothered me because I truly believed these so called "rebel artists" spoke against the evils of the powers-that-be. It turned out they actually only spoke against the powers on the Right. During the eight years of Obama in the Whitehouse they turned from creating flame throwing political art to creating beautiful wall paper. HELL! Robbie Conal took to painting fucken owls!

I'd corner many of these artists during gallery shows to ask them why they refused to take on the negative policies of the Obama administration. Bar none, they all told me they didn't consider themselves to be very interested in politics. SINCE WHEN!!!? ... Worse, they'd all out admit to not wanting to attack the first black President for fear of being called racist. It was like their balls just complete fell off. Prejudice is acting towards someone differently because of the color of their skin. These artists were in fact bigoted.

Back to the ISIS burning of Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh.

I could barely wrap my head around what these animals were doing. The only time I'd ever heard of this level of brutality was the shit I'd read about that went on during the dark ages. But when you see it through the prism of muslims believe things have got to get so horrific in order for some 12th Imam to fly out of the ass of some well then ... ... ... I get it. :/ ... Sucks but ... I get it.










  1. Tim Peterson

    I bought this picture as a reminder of the evil that exists. I look at this poor man and pray for him. I pray that we can keep this away but I believe the time has passed. I hope our current president can recognize the danger and protect us from it. I think this horrendous act is part of what keeps our president from caring about the idiot protesters and it drives him to fight for us. Thank you Sabo.

  2. Riga Paradine

    Can you please tell me…20×30 inches…the photo of you next to the poster…same size?

  3. Trena

    The Mona Lisa I want to purchase is listed for $75, but at checkout it says $100.????

    • Unsavoryagents

      Its an error that’s been fixed now. $100 is the correct price.
      But will sell it to you for $75. (Donate via my webpage and comment for what its for please)

  4. Caroline

    Do the copies for purchase say “Remember me”?

  5. Andy O'Cathain

    Hey Sabo, do you have a door sized one? A nice sig would be cool too.
    Also, international shipping?


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