The image above is as hurtful to those who find all life sacred as pro-abortion people find my image to the right. The bitch of it is my image is going to get me at least another 30 days in Facebook jail and maybe thrown off of Instagram.

The last time I created an image of Miley my entire site was shut down for hours.

If you think what I'm doing is right I'd appreciate your support by purchasing a copy of this poster. Donations are much appreciated and can also be done via the Home page. I don't rely on motivation from Youtube. It's these posters and my art that keep my doors open. Thank you. - SABO


  1. Chris King

    Well done Sabo! You brought depth and reality to the softened image the left tried to present. Stay savage my brother!

  2. DC Baker


  3. Jules

    I truly hope this perverse tramp gets this image magically posted to her social media or emailed to her directly. She is off the hook insane and demented.

    • Rain

      Isn’t it her right to live as she chooses?
      Don’t you live as you choose! No one is creating derogatory posters about you or your life. No one is trying to infringe on the EVIL life that you choose to live.

  4. Bossman75


  5. Debra gravett

    Very brave of you ..very proud of you to have a will to speak truth no matter how bad it looks …its truth …people need to look at it…they need to no the truth..
    When I 1st found out …shock..
    Too much shock w in a month I learned about the muzz in our country..I never noticed b4…omg..
    What they have done & doing other countries & now Canada & its here …then I learned about Michael obama..
    Omg…then the occult illuminates & Hollywood..they TORTURE, & scare lil kids for the chemical that goes into the blood…its very addictive..that’s why such a demand child trafficking…then there is the sex child trafficking..
    They dont live very long getting it over 20 times a day on their lil bodies….then we have CHRISTENS being brutally murdered..decapitated & or burned alive ..
    Then I learned of the Africa ads they take out In all Asian countrys hire woman for different jobs like nanny’s, house mades ect ect..
    Once they reach there they are taken outside thrown on ground by 2 men stripped of clothes…arms tied behind their backs …1 man holds her back while the other one pulls her head back & has a bowl ready on the ground to catch the steady stream of blood flow into the bowl after he stabs a hold in her front of throat..her parts are then sold..
    Then the mass Invasion…
    This world has gone crazy…and what’s happening to animals all over the world…and children…both innocent…all these people need to be rounded up put on a island.
    I dont ever do this
    But I felt do comfy after reading what you said
    I thought wow
    Someone not afraid to tell truth
    I hope one day f.b. & Instagram & Twitter & u tube
    Will see your truth and relize the good you are about
    That they allow you
    God bless
    Hope to hear from you
    Proud of you

  6. musashi

    Impressive. Truly good work. You’ve brought some reality to the situation and made comfortable people uncomfortable. As they should be. Thank you.

  7. Anon

    I bet she’s done this.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if she uses this as album art in her next release. I had the unfortunate fortune to see her covered in what really looked like real blood (it was chunky, the right color) and sucking on a banana as an official promo photo.
    I have no idea why cannibalism is allowed to be a “thing” in our culture other than we live in a banana republic (a phrase I’m sure this demon spawn would take the wrong way).
    Sigh. I’m so sick of these Communist whores. They’re all whores, veying to see who is the biggest whore. In a whore-off between O’Rourke, Miley, and Bernie, I couldn’t pick the biggest whore — tie. Twerk for the Establishment.

    Excellent photo manip. I appreciate the blood details on her fingers.

  8. Pstty

    Thought provoking, however health care is defined as maintenance or improvement of health via prevention. Second the child was obviously not aborted by the usual suction technique .What ever your thoughts are, I do find it hypocritical when Pinterest has ban Life Action pro life site.

  9. Antonette

    Absolutely love. Strikes right to the heart of the matter.

  10. Ed

    You’ve got huge balls Sabo. Abortion is such a monstrosity. You’ve nailed it.
    I really appreciate what you are doing. I’ve purchased your stuff in the past. For this one, what exactly does the poster look like, the t-shirt? Is the cake image included as a juxtaposition? I’m not sure that’s the right word. Does the cake image appear on the poster? Does it appear on the same side of the t-shirt as the main graphic?

    • Unsavoryagents

      This design is currently only a poster…
      And yes the Cake image is the juxtaposition-ed baby image… if that is what you are meaning.
      Not totally sure.
      This webpage show two images.The created image is the image to the right,,,the original image is the image to the left.
      Hope that makes sense.

  11. catzarecute

    Wow, graphic, disturbing, eviscerating, yet meaningful as all true activist art should be – even better when it evokes emotion that changes hearts & minds positively through a convincing message not lost by sheer shock alone, but with ingenious honest sentiment. Love it !!

  12. John Morrissey

    Sabo bro your the fucking man!! This is a cristian country that is going to shit because of Democrats. Now the future can be killed almost up to after birth with these maniacs in some states and before we know it itll be worse. Thank you for representing the way the right leaning people feel in their hearts. God bless you and keep it up, we need your work everywhere and as soon as i can Ill be buying plenty of stuff to piss of these liberal leftie nut jobs here in mass. Id buy now but here in Mass if your white and cristian, but expecially if you believe in America and her people your not allowed to get a job. So at least when i get tattooing again ill have a new way to piss them off and whatch them lose thwir minds!! God bless you and yours and keep it up!

  13. H Munster

    Perfect, past time to expose these luciferian pedos who have run the world for ions.

  14. J Dean

    Now how about one that points out the mass genocide of poor people and minorities (deplorables) since Roe vs. Wade


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