Well it seems Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts. Don't know what more to add to that.

I believe a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body. Who am I to say if she decides to have or abort the child that is inside of her. I do however believe there is a responsibility on her part to act as soon as possible after she finds out she's pregnant and decides to abort because ... that is a little person in there at some point.

I'd like to think that this whole fight is about the Right not wanting tax payers dollars to fund something that they are completely disagree with, which I agree, but one can't help but argue that many Leftists completely disagree on war and their tax dollars fund that and there's little they can say about it.

While it might sound like I'm pro-abortion, this is where I fall. It should be legal, I don't think we the tax payers should have to pay for irresponsible behavior. That line the hippies through us in the 60's that "sex was free" is bullshit. There are all kinds of prices to pay for for having crazy sex. If at some point we look at abortion as just another procedure then the society is rot and gets what it deserves.

My only wish is that one day woman stop dating dirtbags. If our crumbling communities are proof of anything, it's that families need fathers in the house, particularly young boys. Having sex for a woman isn't the same for a guy, it means something and it should have some value, moral value, or a little self respect.




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