Are people born gay or is it a product of environment?
A simple mind will translate the following as anti-semitic. Think about it. I believe being gay is like being a Jew. Some are born that way, others convert.

I created this piece because of something I heard during a PROP 8 rally. A couple of young men were creating signs for the event. I’d heard one say to the other, “We fags are the new niggers.” Now I don’t get shocked often but that comment threw me for a loop because it’s not often you hear one left wing camp attacking another and I knew exactly what he meant but just to make sure I asked him. Turns out he was gay and very unhappy with the fact that the Gay Community stood in support of ‘The Black Man’ for President but the Black Community didn’t support the gays in their fight against PROP 8. Seeing I heard him say this while he was creating protest signs I thought it would be interesting to make a sign using his words. BLAME HIM!!! – SABO