“FUCK PEACE” and “THE TWIN TOWERS” came about right after September 11th, 2001. Once the planes started flying I made my way to New York where I handed out these “FUCK PEACE” fliers. NYPD and NYFD loved them. Back when Liberals had anti-war rallies I would wait for them high above on top of buildings ready to throw down hundreds of them on their heads below.
“THE TWIN TOWERS” came about soon after 911. Being an ex-Marine this one was a bit harder to create because I put myself in the mindset of the terrorists with them knocking off the crown of the Big Satan. It’s no wonder why Liberals and “Progressives” don’t seem to mind this onlinephentermine.net piece and leave it up. I’ve had one stay up for months which I thought was interesting when you consider most of my work comes down in a day or two.